Purpose-Driven Change

Purpose that catalyses powerful change

Storytelling to Catalyse Change

Capturing the power of purpose to catalyse change, bring people together, define your story and activate action.

Approach to Change through purpose

Behind every successful change, is a powerful story

Since the dawn of civilisation, story has been the vehicle to share our knowledge, express our desires and inspire others. It is at the heart of our social dynamics and one of the most powerful tools you can use to enable change. I work with people to uncover, define and communicate their story – helping them illicit the change they want to see in the world.

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A Powerful Purpose

Stories as a universal tool for communication that transcends culture, language, and age. When people hear stories, they can relate to the universal themes and emotions being conveyed. This makes storytelling a powerful tool for creating change on a global scale.

Story that Connects

Stories are powerful because they help people connect emotionally with the ideas being conveyed. When people connect emotionally with a message, they are more likely to remember it and act on it.

Breaking Barriers

Stories can help break down barriers between people by creating empathy and understanding. When people hear stories from those with different backgrounds and experiences, they can start to see the world from another perspective.

Setting Context

Stories can provide context for complex issues and help people understand the nuances of a situation. This can help people make more informed decisions and take action.

Inspire Action

Stories can inspire people to take action by making an issue more tangible and urgent. When people hear stories about the impact of an issue on real people, they are more likely to take action to address it.

Build Community

Stories can help build community by creating a shared sense of purpose and identity. When people hear stories about shared experiences and values, they are more likely to feel a sense of belonging and connection.

Healthy Persuasion

Stories can be used to persuade people to change their beliefs or behaviors. When people hear stories that challenge their assumptions or provide new information, they are more likely to be open to change.

Stories to Remember

Stories are more memorable than facts or figures because they engage people emotionally and create a mental image. When people remember a story, they are more likely to remember the message it conveys.

Where I can help

Turn your story into a powerful catalyst for change

Your story can be a powerful tool for change if it is told in a way that inspires and motivates people to take action. It can build a shared sense of purpose and identity, emphasise you values and mission. Storytelling xxx shared sense of purpose and drive momentum towards positive change. Great storytelling can show authenticity,

Purpose through Story

Working with you and your team to reconnect with your purpose and distil your essence through narrative.

Crafting your Story

Developing a compelling, powerful and emotive story to underpin and catalyse the change.

Reinforcing Voices

Developing the reinforcing stories – sourced from the voices of the people you make a difference to.

Narrative Strategy

At the heart of any successful change is a powerful strategic narrative. I can help you develop and refine your narrative to create a strong, consistent story.

Who we work with

A partner to help you capture, develop and tell your story

Conscious Leaders

Leaders awakened to the new paradigm of leadership.

Change Catalysts

The champions and creators of change for good.

Teams with purpose

Teams with a cause and a desire to work and create better.

Organisations with heart

Organisations who care about doing good.

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