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Positive Change Framework


Creating the foundations for effective, people-focused change

Welcome to our course on the Foundations for Positive Organisational Change. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organisations need to be agile and adaptable to remain competitive. This requires a culture of continuous improvement and a willingness to embrace change. However, change can be difficult and often met with resistance from employees.

That is why it is crucial for organisations to have a solid foundation for positive change to ensure that change initiatives are successful. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to create a culture of positive change within your organisation. We will cover topics such as change management, communication strategies, leadership, and employee engagement. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the tools to lead successful change initiatives and drive positive outcomes for your organisation.


A solid foundation to making change successful

Designed as a foundation to all type of change – whether it’s in your organisation, your team or for a social cause you’re championing. This course will give you essential skills to create and deliver change in a way that’s positive, energising and effective.

  • How do we make change as successful as possible?
  • How can we make change a force for good?
  • How can we avoid sucking the life out of everyone while we change things?
  • How can we get the most from the change?
  • How do we involve everyone in the change process?


For the leaders, change agents and social champions trying to make positive change

  • Leaders looking to improve the way they initiate and handle change
  • Managers trying to inspire and support their team through times of change
  • Change agents looking to brush up on fundamentals of change psychology
  • Social cause champions who want to catalyse and enable positive change
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Leaders are often the catalysts for change in an organisation. They are the ones who set the vision and direction, and it’s their responsibility to ensure that their teams are equipped to navigate the change process. This course provides leaders with the tools they need to guide their teams through change, fostering a positive, supportive environment in which everyone feels empowered to contribute to the transformation process.

Change agents

Change agents, whether they have an official title or not, are individuals who help drive change within an organisation. They could be managers, team leaders, or even individual team members. This course is designed to equip change agents with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively drive change, helping them to become more effective in their roles.

Managers going through change

Managers often find themselves in the challenging position of having to implement change while also dealing with their own reactions to it. This course provides practical strategies for managing personal responses to change, while also supporting their teams through the process.

People wanting to create positive change

Lastly, this course is for anyone who wants to create positive change, whether in their personal lives, in their communities, or within their organisations. It’s for those who believe in the power of transformation and want to learn how to harness it to create a better future.

Course Content

Learn the foundations of positive, sustainable change

Designed as a foundation to all type of change – whether it’s in your organisation, your team or for a social cause you’re championing. This course will give you essential skills to create and deliver change in a way that’s positive, energising and effective.

  • Understanding change
  • Characteristics of positive change
  • Why approaches fail
  • From chaos to clarity
  • The ACRES model of change
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What is change

Change is a constant in life, yet it’s often misunderstood. This course begins by exploring the nature of change, breaking it down into its essential components and examining its various forms.

What does positive change look like?

Not all change is created equal. Some changes lead to growth and improvement, while others can lead to regression or stagnation. This course will help you identify what positive change looks like, providing you with a clear vision to guide your change efforts.

Why traditional approaches to change fail

Despite the prevalence of change, many traditional approaches to managing it fail. This section explores why this happens, examining common pitfalls and misconceptions.

System thinking, dealing with chaos and the value of principle-based thinking

Change is complex and often chaotic. This course will introduce you to system thinking and principle-based thinking, two powerful tools that can help you navigate the complexity of change.

The ACRES model of positive change (Agency, Creation, Relevance, Engagement, Safety)

The ACRES model is a comprehensive, research-based framework for managing change. Developed at mutomorro after years of experience in change environments, it captures the most valuable but often overlooked aspects of enabling positive change. This course will teach you how to use this model to guide your change efforts, ensuring they are effective and positive.

Combining best practice from a range of change management tools, like ADKAR, Kotter’s and Satir Change

More on the ACRES Change Framework

The ACRES Change Framework

The ACRES model is a principle-led model suitable for all types of change, and designed to capitalise on the most powerful characteristics of positive change. It covers Agency, Creation, Relevance, Engagement and Safety.

Agency: The importance of individual agency in change environments

Agency, the ability to make independent decisions and take actions, is crucial in a change environment. This section of the course delves into the importance of agency, providing strategies for fostering it within your team or organisation.

Creation: The importance of creativity in change and problem-solving

Creativity is often overlooked in change management, yet it’s a vital component of successful change. This section explores why creativity is important and how to foster it in a change environment.

Relevance: The importance of personal relevance in change adoption

Change is more likely to be adopted if it’s personally relevant to the people involved. This section discusses the importance of personal relevance in change adoption, providing strategies for making change feel more relevant and meaningful to those involved.

Engagement: The importance of engagement in the change process

Engagement is key to the success of any change effort. This section explores why engagement is important and how to foster it, ensuring that everyone feels involved and invested in the change process.

Safety: The importance of psychological safety in change environments

Psychological safety, the belief that one can take risks without fear of punishment or humiliation, is crucial in a change environment. This section discusses why psychological safety is important and how to foster it, ensuring that your team or organisation is a safe space for experimentation and growth.


Discover the power of positive change

Participants in this course can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of change, the dynamics of change management, and the tools and strategies necessary to effectively manage and guide change. They will learn how to foster a positive change environment, create a clear vision for change, and navigate the complexities of the change process.

Most importantly, participants will be empowered to become change agents, equipped with the knowledge and skills to initiate and guide positive change within their spheres of influence. Whether you’re a leader, a change agent, a manager going through change, or simply someone wanting to create positive change, this course will equip you with the tools you need to make a difference.


How to make change a force for good

This course gives an overview of essential skills, methodologies and theory around the concept of creating positive change. Designed to empower people with a set of skills and perspective necessary to make change a success.

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Change done well can be a powerful force for good. It can reenergise teams, create new solutions to old problems and bring whole organisations together around a common cause. But change done poorly can have the opposite effect. It can negatively impact productivity, increase tribal frictions and disempower individuals while disenfranchising entire groups of people.

This course is designed to give leaders, managers, change agents and champions a set of tools and ideas to help them create change done right.

Built from years of experience in delivering large and small scale change, and combining some of the most effective change approaches – this workshop is designed to give everyone the skills to deliver change in a way that empowers, inspires and engages people in the journey.

From the basics of change management to the finer points of stakeholder engagement and team dynamics, this course provides a comprehensive overview of how to create sustainable change in organisations. It will show you how to think strategically about your organisation’s future and develop a roadmap for the future that everyone can get behind.

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate during times of change and build consensus among stakeholders. And you’ll gain an understanding of how to structure teams for maximum effectiveness and foster an environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. By the end of this course, you’ll have a clear plan for implementing successful change initiatives that benefit everyone involved.

Essential Skills

The foundations of successful, sustainable and positive change

This course is designed to give people a foundational understanding to what creates the context to enable positive change (and what doesn’t).

  • Understanding the psychology of change
  • The benefits of well managed change
  • The impact of poorly managed change
  • Set of tools and techniques
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Understanding the psychology of change

In order to create positive change, it’s crucial to understand the psychology behind it. Why do people resist change? What drives acceptance and adoption of change? This course dives deep into this fascinating subject, providing insight into the human mind and its response to change. It helps you comprehend the emotional and mental processes that occur during a shift, empowering you to manage and guide these processes effectively.

The benefits of well managed change

Change, when managed well, can yield immense benefits. It can lead to improved efficiency, innovation, and growth. It can bring about a more positive, dynamic culture within an organisation. It can also help individuals grow, pushing them out of their comfort zones and encouraging personal and professional development. This course will show you how to manage change effectively, maximising its benefits while minimising potential negative impacts.

The impact of poorly managed change

Just as well-managed change can bring about positive results, poorly managed change can have detrimental effects. It can lead to confusion, frustration, and a loss of productivity and morale. This course aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to avoid these pitfalls, ensuring that change is implemented smoothly and effectively.

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