Let’s make change a force for good.

Helping leaders, teams and organisations catalyse change – while making it a positive, effective and nourishing experience for everyone. I work with change makers to harness the art, science, theory and practice of change – then use it to make a positive impact.

Who I am

Championing positive change

I’m James, founder of Mutomorro. I’ve worked in change and transformation for over 15 years, spanning a multidisciplinary career including transformation, culture change, leadership development and change management. I’ve worked across the FTSE100, international charities, nonprofits, government agencies and grassroots social enterprises – while fulfilling roles as a lead consultant, facilitator, programme designer, executive coach and trainer. I’m passionate about using change as a catalyst – to enable organisations, teams and individuals to realise their potential and achieve their purpose, all while having a positive impact on the world.

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What I believe

Effective, positive change can be a powerful force for good – to help organisations achieve their purpose, empower individuals to realise their potential, catalyse grassroots action and create a positive impact for the world.

My aim

To equip organisations and their people with the tools, capabilities, processes and perspectives to harness the potential in positive change, translate it into action and use it to be a net positive contributor in the world – both in what they do, and how they do it.

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Why i do what i do

Change can be better

Change is a part of our everyday lives, so doesn’t it make sense to do it as well as we can?

It’s hard to go a day without hearing that change is the new normal. But if that’s true, shouldn’t we all be really good at it by now? While effective change can have profound and positive benefits, research suggests that it isn’t always the case.  A lot of change is ineffective, or causes more disruption that it needed to – and so eats into the time, resources and goodwill of people and their potential.

I want to help fix that. My experience has shown me that when change is sourced from the right context, it can be a powerful engine to drive improvement – across people, teams, organisations and the wider world. That’s why I do what I do.

My Background

A wealth of experience in change

I’ve been fortunate to have a varied career that’s spanned the commercial, nonprofit and government sectors. I’ve worked as a change catalyst across organisational development, change management, continuous improvement and business transformation – supporting change makers and leaders define their ambitions and use them to create a positive impact. Some of the organisations I’ve worked with include:

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Supporting change across the world

I work with clients all across the world, helping catalyse change for organisations, leaders and causes. Working remotely or in-person to consult, train and facilitate positive change.

Where I can support

Positive change, applied

I’m able to use my years of experience across a range of change-based areas to help organisations make positive steps forward in what they do and how they do it. Consultancy, training, facilitation and toolkits designed to help drive improvements across culture, systems, process, people, user experience and service design.

Mutomorro - Organisaitonal Change Consultancy for Purpose-Led Organisations
Organisaitonal Culture Change Services

Healthy, vibrant cultures

Through Culture Change that nurtures healthy, vibrant environments that people can flourish in, achieve their best and feel valued for their contribution.

System Thinking Training and Consultancy

Improved problem solving

Through Applied Systems Thinking that challenges old ways of doing things, and finds more inventive and sustainable ways to solve problems.

Process Improvement and Workflow Consultant

Simpler, more effective workflows

Through Process Improvement that harnesses best-practice across Lean, Agile and value-focused methods which simplify, improve and enhance.

Employee Experience Consultancy Services

Engaged, cared for employees

Through an Employee Experience that treats your employees like the valued people they are, and aims to give them the best possible journey.

Customer Experience Consultancy

Happier, more satisfied users

Through Customer Experience that helps you build the best possible experience for the people who access or use your service – whoever they may be.

Service Design Services

Better, more effective services

Through Service Design that reimagines the possibilities of how you deliver your service and what it could look like in our modern, complex world.

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