Change for good

I’m a change and organisational development specialist who partners with causes, champions, teams and leaders focused on creating social, environmental, technological, scientific and human good.

How I support change

A partner to catalyse change

Creating compassionate, collaborative change to help organisations learn, develop and grow.


Partnering to help you define your challenges and find an effective route through them.


Bringing together people, energising new ideas while facilitating positive co-creation and problem solving.


Engaging workshops to build confidence, develop skills and prepare people for change.


Building skillsets with your team through evidence-led, practical coaching.


Developing toolsets, content and frameworks to empower and engage.


Effective, change programmes to catalyse and sustain positive change.

How I work

Catalysing positive change

I support organisations to use effective change to thrive, grow and change. I believe that, when done right, change can be a powerful force for good – for individuals, teams, organisations and society. With 70% of all change initiatives failing, I want to support organisations to use their limited time and resource in the most effective ways possible. So they can spend more energy on achieving their mission and less on the things that get in the way.

Organisaitonal Culture Change Service
Healthy Cultures

Culture Change

Co-creating and nurturing healthy, vibrant and people-focused cultures.

System Thinking Services
Effective Systems

Systems Thinking

Implementing and improving strategic, technical or people-focused systems.

Process Improvement Services
Efficient Process

Process Improvement

Optimising and reimagining the processes which underpin your organisation.

Employee Experience Services
Engaged People

Employee Experience

Developing respectful, empowering and encouraging experiences for employees.

Customer Experience Services
Happy Users

Customer Experience

Engaging experience for end-users which add value and deliver on promises.

Service Design Services
Better Services

Service Design

Designing and delivering services which add value and deliver consistently.

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