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We work with you to develop a deeper, more rewarding employee experience – helping you engage, retain and develop your most important asset.

Employee Experience Services

EMPLOYEE Experience Services

Power to the people!

We want to see organisations nurture and inspire their employees – and begin to shift the needle on the 85% of employees who currently feel disengaged. Employee experience, in essence, encompasses every interaction an employee has with your organisation, from the recruitment process to their exit interview and beyond. It includes their perceptions of the company’s work environment, culture, and their role within the organisation. It takes into account the tools, resources, and support provided to them to perform their job effectively. We help you build a picture of these elements as they are today – then develop the route map to enhance and improve your experience for employees.


Strategic Development

Strategy: Crafting a holistic strategy that aligns with the company’s mission.
Cultural Transformation: Creating cultural change to improve the employee experience.
Engagement Strategy: Developing strategies to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.


Analysis and Assessment

Employee Surveys: Designing and conducting employee surveys to gather insights.
Focus Groups: Facilitating focus groups to understand employee perspectives.
Experience Mapping: Mapping the employee journey to identify key touchpoints and improvement areas.


Programme Design

Onboarding Programmes: Creating comprehensive onboarding experiences for new hires.
Recognition Programs: Designing and implementing employee recognition programmes.
Wellness Programs: Developing wellness initiatives to support employee well-being.


Technology and Tools

Digital Workspace: Implementing digital tools to create a seamless employee experience.
Feedback Systems: Integrating feedback systems to continuously improve the experience.
Analytics and Reporting: Using data analytics to measure and report on employee experience.


Training and Development

Leadership Training: Providing training for leaders to foster a positive employee experience.
Employee Development Programs: Designing programs to support ongoing employee development.
Skill Workshops: Conducting workshops to enhance employee skills.


Communication Strategy

Internal Communication Strategies: Developing effective communication plans to keep employees informed and engaged.
Change Management Communication: Crafting communication strategies to support change management initiatives – in ways that engage employees.


Policy and Environment

Workplace Design Consultation: Advising on office layouts and designs to boost productivity and satisfaction.
Flexible Work Policies: Helping to create flexible work options that support a better work-life balance, and adapt to the change in hybrid and remote working.


Performance and Feedback

Performance Management Systems: Creating or optimising systems for tracking and managing employee performance.
Continuous Feedback Loops: Establishing mechanisms for ongoing employee feedback, in ways that engage and support.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI Strategies: Developing strategies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
Bias Training: Offering training to reduce unconscious bias and foster an inclusive environment.


Legal and Employee Compliance

Compliance Training: Ensuring employees are trained on relevant legal and compliance matters.
Policy Development: Crafting policies that support a fair and equitable work environment.


Vendor and Partner Management

Vendor Selection: We can support in assisting in the selection of vendors for employee programs.
Partnership Development: Building partnerships with external organisations to enhance employee experience.

Employee Experience workshops

Workshops on EX

We offer a range of interactive and engaging workshops to help you explore your own aspirations for your employees, learn new approaches and apply new models. These workshops can be run one-to-one, with small teams or we occasionally run open workshops.

Project Oxygen Manager Training

Project Oxygen Manager Training

A training course for managers built around Google’s Project Oxygen research, and their 8 key findings. A great framework for managers looking to develop their skills.
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Team Development tools and models

Tools to develop your teams

Check out these models and frameworks to help you develop your leaders and teams.

DiSC Styles

The DiSC Styles behavioural model is a widely recognised tool that helps individuals understand their unique personality traits and how they interact with others.
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CEDARâ„¢ Feedback Model

The CEDARâ„¢ Feedback Model is designed to give structured, effective feedback in a positive framework that allows self-reflection and improvement.
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Gemba Walk

A Gemba Walk is a management technique used in lean manufacturing, which involves observing the processes in a proactive way.
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Principles for Effective employee experience

Empowering human beings

We can provide valuable insights and strategies to enhance the overall employee experience by identifying opportunities in your current approach, developing tailored solutions to address these issues, and implement effective strategies to foster a positive work environment. We can also assist in creating a culture of continuous feedback and recognition, which is key to boosting employee engagement and satisfaction.

Foster a Positive Organisational Culture

Values and Vision Alignment: Cultivate an environment where the company values and vision are clearly communicated and employees feel connected to them. Employees should understand how their work contributes to the organization’s goals.
Inclusivity and Diversity: Promote a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued and respected regardless of their background, fostering a sense of belonging.
Recognition and Reward: Regularly acknowledge and appreciate employees’ contributions. Recognition programs and rewards for outstanding performance can enhance motivation.

Support Employee Growth and Development

Continuous Learning: Provide opportunities for professional development through training, workshops, and continuing education programs. This demonstrates investment in employees’ future and supports career progression.
Career Pathing: Offer clear career pathways and support employees in understanding how they can grow within the organization. This includes mentoring programs and succession planning.
Feedback Culture: Establish a culture of ongoing feedback where employees receive constructive guidance to improve and excel. Regular performance reviews and one-on-one meetings help in this regard.

Ensure Well-Being and Work-Life Balance

Health and Wellness Programs: Championing programmes that support physical and mental health, such as fitness memberships, wellness apps, or coaching and counselling services.
Flexible Work Arrangements: We believe in supporting different work styles and personal needs by offering flexible hours, remote work options, or compressed workweeks. Putting trust back into the relationship with employees.
Work-Life Balance: We are strong advocates to a balanced work-life balance. We help employers to champion a healthy balance between work and personal life for employees, reducing burnout and increase engagement.

Outcomes from a better employee experience

Retain your most valuable asset with a better experience

We also provide training and development programs tailored to the needs of your organisation. These can help establish clear career paths for employees, fostering a sense of purpose and direction. They can also aid in building trust and transparency, essential for creating a positive and inclusive company culture.

Engage Employees

Higher Morale: Employees who have a positive experience at work are typically more engaged and invested in their roles.
Greater Enthusiasm: A pleasant work experience can lead to employees being more eager to contribute and go above and beyond their basic duties.

Improved Retention

Reduced Turnover: You can significantly reduce turnover through greater employee experience, meaning you retain your best and their knowledge for longer.
Longer Tenure: This can lead to longer tenures within the company, reducing the costs and disruptions associated with high turnover.

Enhance Productivity

Increased Efficiency: A good employee experience often correlates with higher levels of productivity because employees feel supported and valued.
Quality of Work Improvements: Employees are more likely to produce higher-quality work when they are content and engaged.

Better Company Culture

Stronger Team Cohesion: Enhancing the employee experience can foster a more collaborative and supportive company culture.
Positive Work Environment: A focus on employee experience often leads to a more inclusive and respectful work environment – championing better ways of working.

Attraction of Top Talent

Competitive Advantage: A company known for a great employee experience can attract high-quality candidates.
Employer Branding: Positive experiences shared by employees can strengthen your employer brand and make you more attractive to potential hires.

Financial Performance

Cost Savings: By reducing turnover and increasing productivity, companies can save on hiring and training costs as well as minimise lost productivity.
Revenue Growth: Engaged employees often contribute to better customer service and innovation, which can lead to revenue growth.

our Employee experience Background

Experiences for your people

We have experience helping improve employee experience across a wide range of purpose-led organisations: Nonprofits & NGOs, Charities, Social Enterprises, Purpose-Led For Profit and Government agencies. All working towards a better world in their own way, and giving their employees the experience they deserve in the process.

ORGANISATIONAL Culture Change Approach

Rooted in a people-focused approach

We can help you navigate the increasing complexities of employee experience – providing expert guidance on how to adapt to changing work dynamics, integrate technology effectively, and measure the impact of your strategies. We can also help foster a culture that values individuality and inclusivity, ensuring every employee feels valued and heard.

Understand Employee Needs

Conduct surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gather feedback.
Use analytics to identify trends and areas of improvement.

Foster a Positive Company Culture

Promote core values that encourage a sense of belonging and purpose.
Recognise and reward behaviours that align with the company’s culture.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

Offer training and development programmes in areas that add values for employees.
Creating clear pathways for career advancement within the organisation.

Ensure Transparent Communication

Keep employees informed about company news, changes and decision. Encouraging open dialogue between staff and management.

Support Work-Life Balance

Implement flexible working hours and remote work policies.
Respecting employees’ time off and encourage taking breaks to avoid burnout.

Invest in the Right Tools and Technology

Provide modern, user-friendly tools that streamline work processes.
Regularly updating technology to keep pace with industry standards.

Create a Safe Work Environment

Ensure the workplace is well-maintained, clean, and ergonomically designed.
Prioritise health and safety standards to reduce workplace stress and injuries.

Offer Meaningful, Competitive Benefits

Regularly review and adjust salaries to match market rates.
Provide a comprehensive benefits package that meets diverse employee needs.

Solicit and Act on Feedback

Regularly ask for employee input on how to improve the workplace.
Demonstrate that feedback leads to meaningful changes.

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