Happy, healthy and self-aware team development

Team Development

Supporting teams to be all they can be. Self-discovery, teamwork and a focus on compassionate effectiveness.

Team Development, Effectiveness and performance

We’re a lot stronger as a team after we worked together. The main difference I’ve noticed is how all the small niggles don’t seem to be there anymore. I can’t believe how much time they took up in the first place.

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Empowering team performance by helping them reach their potential

I can support teams to find the most effective ways work together, solve problems and develop their services – all through a collaborative and empowering approach designed to help them find their own way through insight, reflection and action.

How I can help with team performance

Improve teamwork

Enhance the way that teams work together, solve problems and create outcomes.

Improve service

Support teams in analysing and improving the service they deliver with a customer focus.

Improve process

Streamline process and reduce redundancy – reducing team effort and improving customer experience.

Increase performance

Building team performance by working smarter, not harder. Aligning teams and building focus.

Define purpose

Help teams rediscover their purpose and focus, and building a service they can be proud of.

Self-support and care

Embedding support and self-care tools into teams to avoid burnout and

I’ve worked with organisations like this on team effectiveness

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We’re a much more aligned team now, and things just seem easier than they were. We were all a little hesitant going into this but it’s had a substantial impact on how we work.

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A little bit about me

I’m a qualified, executive coach

I’m a Level 7, ILM qualified executive coach working with multinational businesses across the world.

15 years experience in change management

I’ve worked in coaching, people empowerment and change management for over 15 years.

I work remotely across the world

I have clients all over the world and run all my sessions online. Find out why.

A little about my background

Change management and programmes

Working on large change programmes for international and regional businesses. Supporting teams and individuals to design betters services, and make this better for their customers.

Enabling people to be their best and happiest

Supporting people in organisations across the world manage change in their life, help find solutions to their problems and support them in improving their performance.

Putting humanity back into business culture

Cultural change that’s more than just words on a slide. Authentic, meaningful and thoughtful cultural shifts to help organisations be all they can be.

I’m trained as a Level 7 Executive Coach, accredited by the ILM.

The ILM is a globally-recognised coaching institution.

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If you’d live to have a chat and see how I could get, just drop me a note

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