Change Management Consultancy

Our change management consultancy helps you make change happen so it’s sustainable, people-focused and effective. Supporting you through the journey from where you are today to where you want to be.

Change Management Consultancy and Support

Change Management Services

Best-practice change management

Effectively managed change can be a force for good – it can catalyse new ideas, create stronger relationship and allow services to exceed users expectations. But change done badly can be disruptive, counter-productive and have the opposite effect to the one intended. That’s why we help our clients to manage change effectively – using best practice approaches that increase their capability and help them get to where they’re going.

Where you are today

Change Strategy

Creating a comprehensive plan to guide your organisation through its transformation.

Best-practice change

Change Management

Ensuring that change is implemented smoothly, successfully with a best-practice approach.

How to get there

Change Programmes

Shifting individuals, teams, and organisations from a current state to a desired future state.

Making it happen

Change Evaluation

Helping to evaluate the impact, effectiveness and long-term results of the change initiatives.

Change Management Services

People-centred, collaborative change management

We believe that change management is as much about how you do stuff, as what you do. That’s why we always take a collaborative, holistic approach to change – supporting our clients to make change happen in a positive way that leads to minimal disruption and better outcomes.

Leading the way


Providing expert advice to help you navigate through change smoothly, identifying strategic opportunities and mitigate risks.

Bringing together


Guided sessions to encourage participation and collaboration among team members to ensure alignment and engagement.

Empowering through skills


Tailored learning experiences to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to change effectively.

Realising potential


Personalised support to individuals, helping them to develop their capabilities to manage and lead change within their roles.

Effective tools


Provides practical resources and tools that organisations can use to implement change management processes more efficiently.

Creating positive change


Comprehensive change programmes to address your specific needs, ensuring a structured and phased approach to change.

Organisational Change Management

Working across the change cycle

We’re comfortable working across the whole sphere of change management – supporting in specific areas where you may have skill gaps or working with you across the entire process. We draw from a range of best practice approaches to organisational change, so we can be adaptive to your needs and find the best approach for you.

Change Strategy

Building the strategy to make change successful.

Programme Design

Developing people-centred programme design.

Need for Change

Developing the story to catalyse change.

Change Readiness

Accessing the organisation for change readiness.

Assess Knowledge

Accessing knowledge and learning requirements.

Stakeholder Management

Enrol and collaborate with stakeholders.


Develop clear, compelling communication throughout.


Programme content, training material and design.

Roll Out

Support or lead roll out, and develop support material.


Measure adoption, and key metrics across change.

change management workshops

Workshops on change management

We offer a range of workshops (online or face-to-face) to help purpose-led organisations reconnect with their vision, find powerful ways to embrace it through their organisational culture and support employees to collaborate in the process. All our training is customisable and

The Change Agent's Toolkit - Workshop

The Change Agent’s Toolkit

A training course covering some of the most useful and well-regarded change management theory and models. Perfect for change makers, leaders and managers who want a comprehensive toolkit to create positive change.
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Change Management tools and models

Tools for best-practice change management

Check out these models and frameworks to help you create effective, positive change in your organisation.

PESTLE Analysis

The PESTLE Analysis is a framework for exploring outside influences which may affect and organisation and its operations.
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Narrative Strategy

Narrative strategy is way to intentionally create, develop and nurture a clear and consistent story. One that helps reinforce and repeat a key point, mission or objective.
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Principles of Organisational Change management

A clear, honest and open approach to change

Our philosophy to change management emphasises adaptive, inclusive, and sustainable approaches that align with an organisation’s core values, ensuring that purpose-led organisations can navigate transitions effectively while staying true to their mission, thus fostering meaningful and lasting impact.

Create change with people, not to them

We believe in change that gives everyone a say, and helps them be part of the process.

Transparent and open at every step

Change can be a scary, destabilising experience – so we make sure we’re open and transparent at every step.

An opportunity for learning and growth

Change can be a fantastic place for learning and growth. We always aim to make it so.

ORGANISATIONAL Culture Change Outcomes

Positive outcomes through a better approach to change

Our consultancy specialises in guiding purpose-led organisations through change effortlessly, minimising disruptions and enhancing employee adaptation. We support the development of a proactive and resilient culture that embraces change, fostering innovation and a competitive edge. Our approach is designed to not only navigate the immediate change but also to lay the foundation for ongoing improvement and long-term success.

Enhanced Resilience

Our approach builds resilience among employees, enabling them to better adapt to change and bounce back from challenges.

Improved Communication

By emphasising clear and transparent communication, our approach ensures that all team members understand the reasons for change and their role in it.

Increased Engagement

By involving employees in the change process, our approach fosters a sense of ownership and commitment, leading to higher engagement levels.

Streamlined Change Process