Service Design

We help purpose-led organisation reimagine how they deliver their service, identify existing gaps, improving sustainability and find smarter ways to deliver value for end-users. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and challenges, and reimagine service models that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Service Design Services

Service Design Services

Services fit for a modern world

We offer a range of Service Design services – each designed to enhance, reimagine and improve the service you deliver to your users. Service design allows you and your teams to reimagine your service, and adapt to shifting needs within your user groups and stakeholders.


Service Blueprinting

This involves creating a visual representation of your service processes, interactions, and touchpoints. It helps in identifying potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement, ensuring a smoother customer journey.


Digital Transformation

We help integrate digital technology into all areas of your business, changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers. We can support you in best-practice approaches to digitally transform your service.


Prototyping and Testing

We create prototypes of your services to test their functionality and effectiveness before they are launched. This helps in identifying and rectifying any issues early on, saving you time and resources.


Service Innovation

As mentioned earlier, we foster a culture of innovation within your team. This service specifically focuses on developing new and improved services that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Service Design workshops

Workshops on service design

Our service design workshops aim to engage participants in hands-on activities that emphasise the importance of understanding users, identifying service gaps, and creating innovative solutions in service design. Each workshop facilitates learning through collaborative and interactive experiences.

Introduction to Service Design Workshop

Introduction to Service Design

This Introduction to Service Design workshop is designed to give you the fundamental tools to start applying service design and design thinking to your own challenges.
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Service design tools and models

Tools to enhance your service

Check out these models and frameworks to help you develop you apply design thinking to your service.

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Service Design Principles

We believe in better services

Efficient services simplify the process for mission-driven organisations to fulfil their commitments, and our goal is to assist them in succeeding. When collaborating with clients to reinvent and improve their services, we always follow three key principles.

User-Centric Approach

We prioritise understanding the needs and experiences of the end-users. This helps us design services that are intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable to use.


We believe in working collaboratively with our clients, involving them in every step of the process. This ensures the final service design aligns with their vision and goals.

Continuous Improvement

We advocate for iterative design, constantly seeking feedback and making improvements. This ensures the services we design are always adapting and improving.

BENEFITS of our Service Design approach

Intentionally designed services for a modern world

Service Design is a holistic approach that focuses on creating optimal service experiences for users by considering their needs at every stage of the service interaction. This approach can be particularly beneficial for purpose-driven organisations as they strive to deliver on their mission effectively.

Enhanced User Experience

User-Centric Solutions: Service Design encourages a deep understanding of the target community, leading to services that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
Increased Engagement: By designing services that are easy to use and relevant, we can increase engagement with their stakeholders and staff.

Improved Service Efficiency

Streamlined Processes: Service Design can help purpose-led organisations identify redundancies and streamline processes, making service delivery more efficient.
Cost Reduction: More efficient services can also lead to cost savings, which is particularly important for organisations with limited budgets.

Better Resource Allocation

Needs-Based Allocation: Service Design involves mapping out the service journey, which can highlight where resources are most needed, ensuring that they are allocated effectively.
Impact Maximization: With better resource allocation, not-for-profits can maximize the impact of their work in the community.

Fostering Innovation

Creative Problem-Solving: Service Design encourages thinking outside the box and can lead to innovative solutions to complex problems faced by NGOs.
Adaptation to Change: The iterative nature of Service Design means that services can be continually adapted to changing circumstances or needs.

Enhanced Collaboration

Stakeholder Involvement: Service Design often involves co-creation with stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment when people work together to redesign services.
Cross-Sector Partnerships: This collaboration can extend to partnerships with other organisations or institutions, leveraging different strengths and resources and designing services together.

Increased Transparency

Measurable Outcomes: Service Design focuses on measurable outcomes, which can help NGOs demonstrate the effectiveness of their work to donors and other stakeholders.
Transparent Processes: A clear service design process can help make the workings of an NGO more transparent, which can build trust and credibility.

our Service Design Thinking experience

Services that exceed expectations

We have experience helping develop services across a wide range of purpose-led organisations: Nonprofits & NGOs, Charities, Social Enterprises, Purpose-Led For Profit and Government agencies. All working towards a better world in their own way, and designing better services for their end-users.

Approach to designing better services

Every service is a chance to add meaningful value

Our approach to Service Design puts your users at the heart of decision making. We believe in putting the user at the centre of our design process, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also resonate with the people they are designed for. We have a knack for building cross-sector partnerships, leveraging different strengths and resources to maximise the impact of our work.

Deep Understanding

We possess a profound knowledge of Service Design principles and methodologies, enabling us to provide tailored solutions.


Our team has extensive experience in working with NGOs and not-for-profits, understanding their unique needs and challenges.

Innovative Thinking

We pride ourselves on our ability to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to complex problems.


We excel in fostering a collaborative environment, working closely with stakeholders and partners to leverage different strengths and resources.


Our team is adept at adapting to changing circumstances or needs, ensuring our solutions are always relevant and effective.


We focus on measurable outcomes and maintain transparent processes, helping NGOs demonstrate the effectiveness of their work and build trust.


We prioritise clear and open communication, ensuring all stakeholders are informed and involved in every step of the process.


Our team is skilled at empathising with the communities we work with, allowing us to design services that truly meet their needs.

Continuous Learning

We are committed to ongoing professional development, staying updated with the latest trends and best practices in Service Design.

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