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Introduction to System Archetypes

In an ever-evolving business landscape, the ability to navigate complexity and lead effectively has become paramount. As a leader, your decisions can determine the trajectory of your organisation. But how can you ensure that the decisions you make today won’t become the problems of tomorrow? Enter Systems Archetypes, a useful tool designed to enhance your leadership toolkit.


A fundamental tool for better problem solving, decisions making and system change

What are Systems Archetypes?

Systems Archetypes are recurring patterns of behaviour that can be identified in any organisational system. They are foundational tools in systems thinking, a discipline that focuses on understanding the interrelationships within complex systems rather than isolating individual parts. By recognising these patterns, you can predict outcomes and design strategies that address the root causes of challenges, not just the symptoms.

Why are Systems Archetypes Valuable for Leaders?

As a leader, you’re often required to make decisions with long-term implications. Systems Archetypes enable you to see beyond immediate concerns and understand the underlying structures that drive organisational behaviour. This foresight can be invaluable in preventing recurring problems, facilitating system change, and guiding your organisation through transformation with a clear vision.

Improving Decision Making and Problem Solving with Systems Archetypes

Utilising Systems Archetypes can significantly improve your decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. By learning to recognise these patterns, you can anticipate potential issues before they arise and develop solutions that lead to sustainable success. Systems thinking encourages a holistic approach, ensuring that solutions are comprehensive and aligned with the larger objectives of your organisation.

Session FOcus

Build a deeper understanding of how to use system archetypes as a tool for system change

This workshop is designed to offer you a deep dive into the world of Systems Archetypes. You’ll learn to identify the most common archetypes, understand their components, and see how they manifest in real-world situations. Working with these tools, you can develop the foresight needed to steer your organisation away from cyclical problems and towards enduring prosperity.

Practical Application in Your Organisational Context

Theory is important, but practical application is key. This workshop won’t just teach you the concepts; it will also provide you with the opportunity to apply what you learn to your organisational context. Through interactive exercises and case studies, you’ll gain hands-on experience in applying Systems Archetypes to your unique challenges.

A Collaborative Learning Environment

The workshop is structured to foster a collaborative learning environment. You’ll engage with peers from various industries, offering a rich exchange of ideas and experiences. This diversity of perspectives will enhance your learning experience and provide a broader understanding of how Systems Archetypes apply across different organisational landscapes.


For the change creators, decision makers and curious leaders

Leaders and Decision-Makers

This workshop is tailored for leaders and decision-makers who are responsible for guiding their organisations through complex challenges. If you hold a strategic role within your organisation, such as a CEO, manager, or team leader, this workshop is for you.

Change Agents and Innovators

If you’re someone who is tasked with driving change or innovation within your organisation, this workshop will equip you with the frameworks to think systemically. Systems Archetypes provide a lens through which you can approach change more effectively.

Anyone Interested in Systems Thinking for Leaders

Even if you’re not in a leadership position, but are interested in systems thinking and its application in organisational settings, this workshop will be valuable. The skills and knowledge gained will be applicable across various roles and disciplines.

Learning Objectives

Practical tools to use system archetypes as a tool for change

Understand the Fundamentals of Systems Thinking

You will gain a solid understanding of the principles of systems thinking, learning how to view problems and solutions through a systemic lens. This foundation is critical for effectively using Systems Archetypes.

Identify and Work with Systems Archetypes

Learning to identify and work with different Systems Archetypes is a primary objective. You’ll leave the workshop with the ability to recognise these patterns in your organisation and understand their significance.

Apply Systems Archetypes to Real-World Scenarios

Translating theory into practice is a key learning objective. You will engage in practical exercises that simulate real-world scenarios, applying Systems Archetypes to solve complex organisational issues.

Develop Strategies for System Change

You will learn how to use Systems Archetypes to develop strategies that facilitate positive system change. These strategies will be aimed at creating sustainable solutions that align with long-term organisational goals.

Enhance Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills

The workshop is designed to enhance your decision-making and problem-solving skills through the application of systems thinking. You will leave with a reinforced ability to make informed decisions that consider the broader organisational implications.

Workshop Content

What we’ll cover in this system archetype workshop

Introduction to Systems Thinking and Systems Archetypes

We will begin with an introduction to systems thinking, exploring its history and relevance in today’s complex business environment. Understanding the foundational concepts of systems thinking is critical to grasping the nature and use of Systems Archetypes.

Exploration of Common Systems Archetypes

We will explore the most common Systems Archetypes, such as ‘Limits to Growth’, ‘Shifting the Burden’, and ‘Tragedy of the Commons’. By understanding these archetypes, you will be better equipped to identify patterns of behaviour within your organisation.

Application of Systems Archetypes to Organisational Challenges

In this section, we will focus on applying Systems Archetypes to various organisational challenges. Through case studies and group discussions, you will learn how to use these tools to uncover the root causes of problems and design more effective solutions.

Systems Archetypes in Leadership and Strategy

We will delve into the role of Systems Archetypes in leadership and strategic decision-making. This includes understanding how leaders can use these patterns to foresee and mitigate potential issues and to guide their organisations through change.

Hands-On Exercises and Interactive Learning

Hands-on exercises and interactive learning sessions will allow you to apply Systems Archetypes in a controlled environment. You’ll work through scenarios that mirror the complexities of real-world organisational issues.

Learning outcomes

A new perspective on existing challenges, and a range of tools to create positive change

Enhanced Systems Thinking Capabilities

You will leave the workshop with enhanced systems thinking capabilities, enabling you to view organisational challenges from a broader perspective. This skill is vital for effective leadership and strategic planning.

Proficiency in Identifying Systems Archetypes

You will develop proficiency in identifying various Systems Archetypes within your organisation. This will allow you to predict the potential impacts of decisions and strategies.

Improved Strategic Planning and Execution

You will learn how to incorporate Systems Archetypes into your strategic planning and execution. This will result in more sustainable strategies that address the underlying causes of organisational issues.

Better Communication and Collaboration

The workshop will improve your ability to communicate complex ideas and collaborate with others in addressing systemic issues. These skills are essential for fostering a culture of systemic thinking within your organisation.

Preparedness for Leading Organisational Change

Equipped with the knowledge of Systems Archetypes, you will be better prepared to lead organisational change. You will understand how to align change initiatives with systemic patterns to achieve more effective outcomes.

Applications from the session

Start thinking about and working on organisational challenges in new ways

Diagnose Recurring Organisational Issues

Participants will be able to diagnose recurring organisational issues by recognising the Systems Archetypes at play. This will allow for a more strategic approach to problem-solving.

Design Interventions that Address Root Causes

You will be able to design interventions that address the root causes of problems rather than just treating symptoms. This leads to more durable and impactful solutions.

Communicate the Need for Change More Effectively

Armed with an understanding of Systems Archetypes, you will be able to communicate the need for change more effectively to stakeholders by illustrating how certain patterns are affecting the organisation.

Foster a Culture of Systems Thinking

You will have the tools to foster a culture of systems thinking within your team or organisation. This cultural shift is critical for long-term success in a complex and interconnected business environment.

Anticipate the Effects of Strategic Decisions

Participants will be able to anticipate the effects of strategic decisions more accurately. Understanding the potential systemic impacts of decisions will lead to better outcomes and avoid unintended consequences.

Our approach

Experts in creating engaging, thought-provoking and practical sessions

Our Expertise in Change Management and Process Mapping

Our background as specialists in change management and process mapping gives us a unique perspective on organisational issues. We understand the intricacies of how organisations function and evolve, making our training grounded in real-world applications.

Combining Action Learning and Practical Coaching

Our training courses combine action learning with practical coaching to ensure that participants can apply their learnings effectively. We focus on experiential learning, where participants engage in practical exercises that mirror the complexities they face in their roles.

Thought-Provoking Discussion and Best Practice Approaches

We facilitate thought-provoking discussions and share best practice approaches in our training courses. This ensures that participants are exposed to a variety of perspectives and techniques, enhancing their learning experience.


Thisworkshop on Systems Archetypes is an immersive and practical training course designed for leaders, change agents, and anyone interested in systems thinking for leaders. By participating, you will gain a thorough understanding of Systems Archetypes and how they can be used to address organisational challenges effectively. You will walk away with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to apply these powerful tools in your organisational context, leading to better decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning.

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