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8 Step Change Model Slide Deck

Inspired by the world-renowned 8 Step Change model, this slide deck is a complete solution for introducing and planning your change initiative. Packed with best practice discussion topics, key areas and important considerations.

Kotter 8 Step Change Model Slides - Slide Deck and Templates

Save Time

Save countless hours developing your own slide deck and hit the ground running.

Best Practice

Packed full of best practice ideas from years running change programmes.


The slide deck is completely customisable – change fonts, colours and style.

What’s included…

70 slide Deck full of helpful tips to support your change initiative.

Kotter 8 Step Change Model Slides - Powerpoint and Google Slides
Kotter's 8 Step Change Model - Introduction

Clear Objectives

Clearly defined objectives for each stage of the change model.

Key Points for the 8 Stage Change Model

Key Points

Important points to cover at each stage of the change model.

Helpful questions to ask for the 8 Stage Change Model

Helpful Questions

Discussion topics for your change team, stakeholders and sponsors.

Key decisions to make for the 8 Stage Change Model


Important decisions to discuss and agree on for each stage.

Clearly defined change statement for the 8 Stage Change Model

Change Statements

Opportunities to clearly define and articulate your change intent.

OKRS important to make at each stage of the change model


Objectives and Key Results critical to achieve at each stage.

plus loads more..

Kotter 8 Step Change Model Slides - Slide Selection and Multiple Templates

What’s in the Slide Deck?

This 70 slide deck contains everything you need to kick off, discuss and explore a change initiative based on the popular and highly regarded 8 step change model.

Introductory section:
Overview slides
Graphical walkthrough of complete model
For each of the 8 stages:
Objective: – so it’s clear what you’re focusing on
Key points: The most important areas to cover.
Questions: Useful questions to discuss at each stage.
Decisions: Important decisions to agree on.
Statements: Clearly articulate your change plan.
OKRs: Important measurements to access at each stage.
Quotes: Helpful quotes to add depth at each stage.
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